Boom Your Practice

The 3 Key Elements

How to have a full calendar of the treatment you are looking for…

  1. Stand out from the market.
  2. Get predictable qualified appointments.
  3. Create the highest chance of a conversion every single time.

This is the only system you need to get brand new Invisalign cases each month consistently.  We give you our system so you can focus on changing each patients life. 

The Dental Growth System Smart Web Health
The Dental Growth System Smart Web Health

Fill Up Your Calendar

Volume negates luck. The only way to get new patients on board is by seeing new patients. Crafting an irresistible offer is so overlooked in the dental industry right now. 

Every practice is doing the same thing. This gives us the opportunity to stand out! Patients are not excited by the normal free consult offer. This means by everyone offering the same thing practices are forced to compete on price which leads to lower margins and we cannot let that happen to our clients. 

The best performing campaigns are the ones that are able to resonate with the patient’s pain points. If you can correctly communicate with them, half the work is already done.

Load It With Social Proof

Your current consultation process means 99% of your private patients come in with a “learning” mindset or a “Find out more” mindset.

We want an “I need this” mindset. The way to do this is to give the patient everything they could ever want to see. 

  • Video breakdown
  • Video testimonials
  • Patient journey
  • Before & Afters
  • Validation
  • Offer

Don’t worry you do not need all of these to sky rocket your conversion rate. The most important thing is to shift the mindset of the patient.

The Dental Growth System Smart Web Health
The Dental Growth System Smart Web Health

Ace the Consultion

You are currently in a brilliant situation… You have a qualified patient booked in for a consult, they are in a “I need this” mindset and ready to go forward with treatment but… 

You then start talking about the process and the features during the whole consult. The patient has heard enough, asks the price and then says “I will get back to you”. 

What you need to do is find their pain, understand the real reason why they actually came to see you today. Then you find their desires and what that would mean for them to get there. Finally, you are the bridge to achieve their goals. 

You achieve this result by asking questions that allow the patient to come to their own conclusion that going forward with Invisalign will fix their pain. Taking it one step further when adding DenPlan into the picture, what was once a hard sell is now an easy conversation. 

Our System

It's a no brainer...

The way this system works leaves no room for error. We make it unreasonable for you not to close at an absolute minimum an extra 7-8 new cases. 

We do not do fixed retainers fees at £3000p/m. What we do means we only get paid once a qualified patient is speaking with you. We only get paid once we do our job.

The reason why we do this is that we are so confident in our system and know we can get you the results you are looking for. 

If you are looking to predictably grow your dental practice and want to create a long term relationship with an honest and forward thinking agency, sign up today. 

The Dental Growth System Smart Web Health
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Elizabeth Hudd

Principal Dentist, Grants Dental Practice

The Dental Growth System Smart Web Health
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Dr. Vish

Director, The Online Dentist

Here are some results

A cool £2000 in the 1st month from the initial consultation alone.

By using the system we have created we were able to get the patients into the right mindset and then ace the appointment with a proven sales framework. 

Our client was over the moon with this result!

The Dental Growth System Smart Web Health

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