The 2021 Guide To Looking For Agency Website Design

What makes agency websites different to websites made on Squarespace,Wix etc.?

Despite Squarespace’s and Wix’s ease of use, do you really have the time to learn how to build a killer website or would you leave it to a pro? With an agency website the level of functionality eclipses that of one built on one of these platforms. With an increasing number of people building their sites on one of these platforms, its getting harder and harder to stand out.

A web designer's value

Agency websites are made by specialists who do this kind of thing day in and day out. They know where all the common problems arise and how to fix them. They will get the job done efficiently and quickly. If you need surgery do you go to a doctor or do you learn how to do it yourself?

What To look for in a design agency

- Make sure they Mobile Optimise your website

- Make sure they offer Multiple Revisions

- Should be able to see what website looks like throughout the process, be wary if they say you can't see it because it is all in code.

Should you go exclusively for a web design agency?

Exclusively web design agencies are far more specialised than an agency who offers 5 or 6 different services. It is their bread and butter. If you're looking for quality, these are the agencies to look for. So be sure to ask are they a digital agency, marketing agency or advertising agency as well.

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