SEO For Beginners – Top 5 Tips!

Our Simple SEO hacks to build your business

1. Select your keywords

Keywords are what search engines and users both rely on to find the content they need. If they are to find your site it’s essential that the necessary keyword research is done. A free useful keyword is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

SEO For Beginners - Top 5 Tips! Smart Web Health

2. do not oversaturate your content with keywords

Keyword density must lie within the 2-4% range for any given post. Anything above 5% will be penalized by google. Write good content that your readers are actually searching for.

3. Optimize page title and meta descriptions

Every page should have one H1 title that tells google what this post is about. Make it relevant to the content. Each page should have a meta description that is between 150-160 characters long. Within the meta description put your main keyword in once near the start and once near the end.

4. Use Internal links

Everyone knows about backlinks and dedicates a lot of time to building them but, few know about internal links. These are links from one page of your website to another page of the same website CHECK OUT OUR SERVICES 😉 This significantly reduces bounce rate and makes it easier for google’s spiders to index your page.

5. Make sure your images are optimized

To receive traffic from google images make sure all images’ alt text is optimised using your keywords. Be sure to include descriptions & captions. Another important task is to reduce the size of images as much as possible whilst not worsening their quality.

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