Meet The Team

Meet The Team Smart Web Health


Sebastian has a passion for design
and building things that last. He has
a wealth of experience in creating websites of all shapes and sizes.

In his free time he likes to play basketball, have fun and grow businesses.

Meet The Team Smart Web Health


Toby has a passion for optimising websites and reworking them to generate the highest number of conversions as possible. 

With his father and uncles being dentists he is uniquely qualified to create websites and run Facebook
ads that create for an incredible ROI.

Meet The Team Smart Web Health

DR Sunny Walia​

With a wealth of dental and tech knowledge, Dr Walia is a key
member of our design team.

Having been a GDP for over 15 years,
he is conscious of what makes a successful dental/medical website
that is optimised for both your
patients and your entire team.

Being efficient in CS R4+, SOE,
Dentally and Pearl, he can also
discuss software integration
into your website amongst other cutting edge design features.

Call now to enquire: 07415723620

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We’ve put our all into every single project we’ve had. We want to make sure your vision is realised, exactly how you’ve pictured it.

We want to see our services boost your business so you are able to grow, bring in more customers or clients and take the pressure off you, so you can do what really matters – provide your service!