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YOU NEED - Direct & Effective Call to Actions

Patients want to get information that will help them straight away instead of looking all over a website to find the right page. 

Unfortunately, patients do not have patience. 

When they hit your page they need to see copy that speaks to them, understands their needs, and is easy to digest Such as

“Award-Winning Teeth Whitening In Oxfordshire” 

Followed by

“Schedule A Free Consultation Now”


 Stock Images followed by a welcome to…



Because that opening provides no structure for the patient. Remember patients are not patient – You have 3 seconds to capture their attention. They will have a specific aim the second they land on your website. If you can fulfill their aim straight away with a call to action, the number of leads you receive will skyrocket and that is no exaggeration.

An increase of 20-50 patients sounds like you need dramatic changes. That is not the case it is just understanding what the patient wants and needs.

Would you rather your patient sees this

Linkedin Smart Web Health

Or This… It is an easy decision 

Linkedin Smart Web Health

I cannot tell you how many dental websites follow the 1st style and I kid you not it is killing your practice. 

If your website is even remotely similar to that you need immediate change. 

The difference is night and day.

The second website we developed also offers online appointments which were able to do £2000 in the first month by following these simple steps.

Linkedin Smart Web Health


Always get straight to the point it will create trust and confidence. A simple process is KEY to more Leads/Patients

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Linkedin Smart Web Health

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A Few Of Our Client's Results

Linkedin Smart Web Health
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Grants Dental Practice

Really impressed built and designed new a new website. Helped add virtual consultations and take payments.
Responsive and always there to help with changes or updates.
Will be using to help with digital marketing moving forward.
Thank you!

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