How To Sky Rocket Your Patient Conversion Rate

Social Proof!

Put social proof on your website and your social media. Doing this builds trust between yourself and potential patients, shows off your personality & talent and allows you to ease anxious patient’s worries by showing them how simple and easy your process is.

Video Patient Testimonials

  • Using a high quality camera and filming in a clinic looks very professional however if you don’t have the equipment for this that is not a problem. Testimonials done on an iphone are great too as they show a very natural and real portrayal of the experience. The greater the number of these you have, the more experience & expertise you are seen as having, thereby instilling patients with confidence in you. Be sure to display these on all of your social media platforms as well as your website.

Patient Transformations

  • What do personal trainers show to people who want to lose weight? Body transformation pictures they’ve achieved for past clients. It’s no different for dentists! Having multiple high quality “before and after” photos displayed on your website and social media builds immense trust in your services whether it be invisalign, i plants or anything else. Patients seeing the amazing past results you have achieved for others in the past allows them to visualise what you can do for them.

Video Patient Interviews (Case Studies)

  • Interviews between you and treated patients are great opportunities to show off your personality to new patients before even having to talk to them. This allows new patients to feel comfortable in choosing you over your competitor because they will feel like they already know you. In these interviews make sure you go through their journey, how at ease they felt with you, how simple and easy the process was, how their appearance has changed and most importantly the difference in how they FEEL.

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