5 Essential Steps to Get More Patients to your Clinic

low cost steps to get more patients to your medical practice

Doctor? Dentist? Chiropractor? Yoga instructor? It does not matter, if you need access to people that you can help I suggest you take a look at the steps that we know have helped our clients and ourselves!

1. Free Online Face to Face Consultations

Offering free but quick consultations that will allow patients to feel valued and if you can provide some value for free they will be more likely to get treatment from your practice while also creating a strong reputation for yourself as well as growth from word of mouth.

The consultations do not have to be super long but it shows that your practice is willing to go above and beyond to help their patients and this will go a long way in their eyes.

5 Essential Steps to Get More Patients to your Clinic Smart Web Health

Here is an example of our work on a call to action that is providing consultations for patients.

2. Google My Business

This is a simple one but if you have not done this one make sure to do it ASAP. This one will boost your google search ranking and allow you to receive lots of organic traffic.

It allows people to view your website when your operating hours are, phone number, and location all with a simple click and the best thing is it is completely free.

This is an extremely useful tool!

5 Essential Steps to Get More Patients to your Clinic Smart Web Health

3. A Modern Website

A key problem that I have seen on many medical websites is the navigation.

There is too much clutter on the website homepage and it means people are unable to ever get the right information they need.

Some key aspects to focus on

  • Well-spaced header
  • clear page names 
  • Section to schedule a consultation.
  • A few call to actions. Such as give us a call, book for our treatment, etc.

When designing your website keep thinking about user experience and how easy is it to navigate the website. 

5 Essential Steps to Get More Patients to your Clinic Smart Web Health

Here is a financial website we created with very clear navigation and call to actions. Clean & simple always wins.

4. Social Media (Another potential Income Stream)

Instagram and Facebook are the main ones that we recommend and the only ones we set up for our clients. The absolute key aspect here is CONSISTENCY.

There are so many huge pages that blow up by uploading pictures every day that all follow the same theme and niche.

I have seen examples with teeth whitening before and after pictures. With a bit of editing in with your logos in the pictures to create a branded feel.

It will create free traffic to your website and can be turned into a completely new income stream by affiliating with other products that will help your target audience.

5 Essential Steps to Get More Patients to your Clinic Smart Web Health

This account is allowing him to receive completely free organic traffic to his personal website. Take advantage of this!!!

Notice the same pattern of uploading and very similar videos. This is the kind of branding that is needed.

Instagram account: drjonmarashi

Another reason why social media is so important is that it creates more confidence in the patient!

From a personal viewpoint if I am unaware of a business I will always check out their social media before purchasing. If they do not have any that is a big red flag for me.

Confidence for the patients will allow them to feel more comfortable in seeking treatment from you.

5. Reviews & Feedback

A great way to grow is through word of mouth and allowing past patients to do the selling for you.

BrightLocal state that the average consumer reads 10 online reviews before purchasing and it will be the same for treatment, in fact probably as many as they can get their hands on.

Reviews will create trust and help get more people enquiring about treatments.

A way to get more reviews is to create an email list or send out links to lead people that visited the clinic to leave reviews on your website, facebook or google listing.


Most frequent questions and answers

Marketing – A clear funnel is essential!

  2. You then run that ad to people in your target market through Facebook ads and google ads.
  3. People will click on that ad – they will then go to your beautifully designed landing page where they can either schedule a consultation, book for a visit or purchase something.

A simple 3 step process to allow you to generate a huge amount of leads/patients even with a small budget when done correctly! 

For more some examples click here

Online Presence – It is essential to get your name out there.

  • Social Media is a good place to start. If you do orthopaedics take before and after pictures of people with braces and upload them daily on your instagram. 
  • Run google ads or polish up and get your SEO done. You need to be ranking highly in the searches to make sure your clinic can be found.


These methods can be targeted to a specific location so you can really build a name for yourself in the place you operate! 

If you then are able to receive good reviews you will see huge growth!

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In order to become more profitable you need to make your patient acquisition cheaper.


This can be done through a well structured marketing plan or looking for more organic methods such as getting more reviews.


The key to making more money is getting more patients at a lower cost and selling the treatments at a higher cost. In order to do this the service needs to be elite and the process to book treatments and consultations has to be perfect.

From start to finish everything must be smooth. You can then charge the premium!

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