The 4 Quickest Ways To Grow Your Dental Practice

Accelerate the growth of your dental practice

Time To Grow Your Dental Practice – Start here…

  1. Find out how much you would like to be making per month.
  2. Then find out how many patients on average you would need extra per month to be hitting that target.
  3. Track on a spreadsheet how many patients you are getting per day.
  4. From there you are able to see how many patients you need to hit your goal.

This is all simple stuff but it is not done regularly. The best thing about this is that it creates clarity.


Can You Treat Everyone?

Record the ratio of people coming in needing treatment to the people you accept. 

The great thing about this is you will be able to find out if you have the right people in your practice with the right skill set.

If the number is too low it shows you are leaving a lot of money on the table. A good benchmark is around 72-80% If you can handle it, the higher the better. 

Are you looking after your oldest client?

Record the number of new patients you are getting as well as looking to see if you are retaining old patients

The most successful practices are bringing in new patients but they always retain their old patients and treat them to a top-level of care.

It is not enough just to keep bringing in new patients. How can you do this? Engage with them and make them feel important. Patients will not return to a dentist that they feel they are unable to ask questions to them.


are your leads rubbish?

Record the number of scheduled bookings and see how many people are not showing up

If you are finding you are getting a lot of scheduled appointments but patients are not showing up to them you need to send follow-ups before the consultation and send them Google calendar invites. Make sure they know they have that appointment booked.

It could also potentially show the lead generation quality is not up to scratch. Look at how these patients are finding your website to book the consultation. Is it paid advertising? SEO? 

These are simple steps to quickly grow you practice.

The 4 Quickest Ways To Grow Your Dental Practice Smart Web Health

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