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You may be thinking “I do not need a website, my practice gets all of the patients for me”. While this may be true does your practice also create a relationship with your patients for you? Or does your practice sell the treatment or do you?

People sell, not practices. More and more associate dentists have been telling me their patients keep asking if they have a website… the answer is always no!

Patients want to have a look at your stunning portfolio as well as your shining testimonials. So let them. You will not be able to achieve this level of social proof with a small picture of you on your dental practice’s website. 

Take control!

For Dental Associates Smart Web Health

Why you need a website:

Are You Different?

Imagine you tell a patient they need to spend £3000 on Invisalign. They say fair enough but need to think about it and so do some research. They then come across Dr X and he has his own website where the patient can find video testimonials, before and after work, patient journeys and even has monthly instalments available. 

The patient is extremely impressed and curious so they decide to type in your name and all they can see when doing so is a picture of you and a small paragraph. 

From there it was quite an easy choice for the patient. 

1st impressions will always count!


Fill Up Your Calendar

A website is a foundation that every associate needs, without a solid website it does not matter how many people you run ads to, if they see a messy website that takes 10 seconds to load say goodbye. 

Why am I telling you this… for all of the dentists offering Invisalign, implant and other high ticket treatments I can confidently say you probably do not have your diary full of the treatments you want on a consistent basis. 

In order to change this, we send targeted ads to the perfect potential patient to get them on your beautiful new website or lightning-fast landing page. This is where you or your TCO takes these consults and you get more of the patients you are looking for!

For Dental Associates Smart Web Health
For Dental Associates Smart Web Health

Grants Dental Practice

The Process of Building a Tailored Dental Website
For Dental Associates Smart Web Health

Franklin House Dental

A Dental Practice Website Built To Convert
For Dental Associates Smart Web Health

The Dental Concierge

A Dental Concierge Service Intended For Luxury Care Brought To Life With SWH
For Dental Associates Smart Web Health

Skelton Dental Practice

A Dental Website That Will Generate Consistent Patient Leads

Take A Look At Our Work

Please feel free to check out some of the websites we have built/are building for our dental clients!

Each website we build is always tailored to our client and to allow the right patients to be able to find you easily.

If a practice has its own website so should a dentist especially when the dentists sell the treatment. Allow patients to find you, interact with you and speak to you.

For Dental Associates Smart Web Health
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Elizabeth Hudd

Principal Dentist, Grants Dental Practice

For Dental Associates Smart Web Health
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Dr. Anand

Director, The Online Dentist

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